Top disposable in SG VAPE SHOP

Top disposable in SG VAPE SHOP

Select a disposable vaporizer or gadget? Which kind of vape is the best? The greatest disposable vape products that customers at SG Vape Shop recommend are listed in this post.


1.0 What makes disposable vaporizers so popular?

This is a result of disposable vaporizers not requiring coil cleaning or refilling. Simply throw away the disposable vape when the e-liquid runs out! The main cause for vapers' liking of disposable vaporizers is this.

2.0 SG VAPE SHOP's Top 3 Disposable Vapes


1. Vapetape 12000

point form experts
- Beautiful design
- Suitable for novices
-Numerous flavour options

Why is our first choice?
Vapetape 12000 has more than 20 delicious flavours, including fruity and creamy series. Beginners' best alternatives are those with a wide variety of flavours and eye-catching designs to select from.

Nic: 5 percent
650 mah of battery capacity
19 ml of liquid capacity
Cost: $22-26%
Taste: Pleasant 3.5/5

A New Flavour Has Arrived:
Yakult, honeydew blackcurrant, red slurpee, grape bubblegum, and iced lemon tea. Refer to the Vapetape 12000 flavour option if you're looking for more flavour alternatives.

For whom is it intended?
Beginners are drawn to Vapetape 12000 because of its appealing design and wide range of flavours. New flavours for vapes are constantly being released, surprising and enticing vapers to try them.


2. Lana bar

pros of the point form:
 - Cheap
- Easy to transport
- Excellent flavour

Why is our first choice?
Savour the lana bar's coolness. Lana bar has more than twenty delicious flavours. Small and flat form makes it simple for users to pull out. Its distinctive look and chic gradient colour make it well-liked by the general population.

Nic: 3 percent
Liquid capacity: 13ml; battery capacity: 1000mAh
Cost: $17–19
Taste: Chilled 4.5/5

Taste Arrival:
Super mint, menthol extra, Puer tea, King Tea, and Longan lychee
For whom is it intended?
Lana bar is your best option if you're a vaper who enjoys cool flavours. Lana vape offers a wide range of flavours and high-quality inhalation. Lana Vape is the best choice for vapers for this reason.


3. Akso Supa Pro kit 12000

Point shape advantages:
-12000 puffs
-starter kit set
-one of the largest disposable vaporizer puffs

Why is our first choice?
Akso supa pro is One of the largest puff sizes available for disposable vapes is 12k. Includes more than 10 mouthwatering flavour options, giving vapers more options.

Nic: 5 percent
12 ML of liquid capacity
Time to fully charge: about 25 minutes
Cost: $24-26
Chip set tech
Blue light: unlock & booster (press the button to enjoy booster mode)
Blue & green light: locked (press 3 times for child lock safety)
Sweet 4.0 out of 5 flavours

Typical taste:
Peanut butter toast, pina watermelon strawberry and watermelon grape

For whom is it intended?

Your best option if you're searching for the largest vape puff is the Akso supa pro 12k puff. A prefilled pod and startup kit are included with the akso supa pro 12k puff. For your first purchase, get a akso supa pro starter kit. Simply purchase the prefilled pod to continue using it once the flavour pod runs out.


There are a variety of disposable vaporizers available globally. The most crucial thing is to find your favourite vape.

SG VAPE 9 SHOP is a dependable place to look into your possibilities. Savour the satisfying vaping experience while holding your preferred disposable vaporizer.


  1. Are disposable vaporizers appropriate for novice users?

    Disposable vaporizers are often a great choice for new users due to their ease of use and simplicity. Before using them, you don't need any prior vaping experience.
  2. Which disposable vaporizer flavours are the most popular?

Typically, the most popular flavours are fruity, minty, and tobacco. At SG VAPE SHOP, a large selection of tastes are typically offered.

  1. How much time can a disposable vaporizer last?

The size of the battery and how often you vape will determine this. On average, they might last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

  1. Can I recycle e-cigarettes?

Because of their intricate design, disposable vaporizers have few possibilities for recycling.

  1. What is the minimum age to purchase disposable vaporizers at SG Vape Shop?
Yes, most vape shops, including SG VAPE SHOP, have age restrictions on what can be purchased for vaping. Typically, you have to be the legal smoking age in your area or at least 18 to purchase them.

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